Moonist is the singer - songwriter and kitchen producer Lisa Ruhland from Cologne, Germany. Starting out as BOW in 2009 with a more psychedelic Rock influenced sound she self released a Demo „stiction point“ in 2015 where she teamed up with the cologne based sound engineer Sascha BEcks (Yokmo) and the electronic music producer Max Schweder (Cylvester). First time experimenting with computer generated music the album is a mix between electronic driftwood, sampled sirens, pop punk and a broad spectrum in her vocal expression.  


In 2020 she got together with a band and recorded the 5 track EP „moonist was a racing horse“ in Cologne Studio A. While she provides the lyrics and the song the sound is band driven. It's souly, it's funky, it's folky and combines raw experimental pychedelic rock moments with a lean into the evergreen Pop melody. It's a trip really. Hoofes rattling to the beat of the drum - breathless at times Moonist wanders through the meadowsIn


June 2021 Moonist released "Cologne" which she produced entirely on her own. Also Venice which is a collaboration with the cologne based producer Frieder Vogel aka FREEFREE and dives into the electronic currents of the song. She also produced a video to the song.  of the mind. Still you get a sence that embracing whatever comes up in front of the inner eye is elementary to the songs. 


IN September 2022 Moonist will be back in the studio with the band at Soulvision Studio Cologne to record a new Album and get ready to go back on stage to introduce what they've been cooking together in the Studio.  


All in all there is an evolution in Moonist's songwriting and crafting that tries to stretch and shift borders in order to communicate and gain insights and understanding for a language that lies beyond genrefication.